high quality 3d printing resin material printing polymer

  • Purity99%
  • AppearanceColorless transparent liquid

Product Details

Quick Details

  • Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
  • Delivery Time: 1-3 days
  • Throughput: 500|Metric Ton|Month
  • Purity: 99%

Sartort Advanced Materials manufacture high quality 3D printing resin 3d resin at an

affordable price.


Our uv resin for 3d printer (sla / dlp) liquid photopolymer are based on epoxy resin bisphenol

epoxy and acrylic systems with excelent properties: non-toxic, extremely fast curing, low

viscosity, good surface cure and flexible. Factory supplier 3d printing photosensitive resin 3d

printing resin


Our light curing resin 3d resin are compatible with Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light

Process (DLP) printers. Available colors include: clear, yellow, white, black, red, orange, blue,

& green.


Over 100 proprietary uv cure resin uv curing resin are available now. our list of 3d printer resin

photosensitive resin is growing all the time, we improve formulation to meet our valued

customers’ needs. 3d printing photosensitive resin


Areas of Application: clear uv resin 3d

Aerospace                                Industrial Manufacture              Aluminium casting

Bio-medical Technology          Home and Living                       Plastic casing for electronics

Cultural Innovation                  Jewelry Art                                 Mechanical parts and gears

Detal model                             Gold model


For dental applications, the company has customized and developed a series of sla dlp 3d

printer 3D printing materials uv dlp 3d resin to provide more efficient digital material solutions.

dlp printer dental intraoral scanner


At present, we have reached the industry leading level in the field of 3D printing

photosensitive resin. uv photoinitiator photopolymer resin